Welcome to Heavenside Episode 3

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Welcome to Heavenside Episode 3 arrives with Damian talking about the Third Issue of Warren Ellis’ ongoing series Doktor Sleepless.

In this episode I discuss Tulpa’s and what versions of John Reinhardt are out there, The Doktors passed and we touch on what had happened with his parents and we get to meet the man who tried to raise John after the death of his parents.

All that and a Zombie Maker!

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Links for the show:

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Bruce Sterling coined the word “spime” in a speech he gave at SIGGRAPH in 2004.

He also mentioned it in his October 2004 blog on Wired.com.

For more infomation on Spime by Bruce Sterling there were some videos over at Grinding.be

Look for the Darkening Sky!

Welcome to Heavenside April 14th 2008

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