Doktor Sleepless DJs on KPFA 94.1 FM

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“I think I need a “WTF” category tag. Received on Whitechapel today:

Greets Sir Warren Ellis and friends,

Eternal Elilsian and Experimental Recording Artist Ure Thrall hear, admonishing you Mr. Ellis for irresponsibly unleashing your mind blowing powers of synchronistic manifestation in my general direction. The following is announcement of another expected appearance of the TULPA of your infamous DOKTOR SLEEPLESS Persona on KPFA 94.1 FM’s No Other Radio Network (taking place during the 1st 1.5 hours of 4/23/08 (Pacific Time) as well as the first live DJ slot on this plane by the DOKTOR SLEEPLESS tulpa who will materialize at the RUBY ROOM (Located at 132 14th street in Downtown Oakland, CA.) from the 17th to the 22nd hour on 4/25/08, these entities having manifested as a direct result of your cosmic “Ellisian” reverberations.

WE pray you do not take offense at our humble attempts at bio-alchemical mimicry, rather we hope you will take it as the direct HOMAGE we intend it to be. BUT, if for some reason this is contrary to your intelligent design, well perhaps you shouldn’t go creating such HIGHLY RESONANT CHARACTERS for mass consumption In the 1st place, my friend…

Our dimension’s version of DOKTOR SLEEPLESS is quite formidable in his media manipulation prowess, and he has even managed to lasso that MUSLIMGAUZE track remixed by the JAPANESE RAPE DIVISION and hauled it into our dank little corner of the multiverse specifically to be played on the NO OTHER RADIO NETWORK with the kind permission of the show’s longtime host MR. HATE. We include it as a link
in this e-mail for your enjoyment.

DOKTOR SLEEPLESS can be heard AT ANY TIME via KPFA’s steaming internet radio broadcasts which you can access via the program links on NO OTHER RADIO’s myspace page at

or type in wed. 4/23 at
and look for the archived NO OTHER RADIO program in the 12:00 am time slot.

So we hope you will give a listen to determine whether we are doing the good DOKTOR justice with our interpretation. It seems to be garnering some interest!
And I will also be offering a free DOKTOR SLEEPLESS COMIC BOOK in an on-air promotion as well as handing out copies of DOKTOR SLEEPLESS comics to read at the club.

NOW bear in mind that WE will CERTAINLY BE MAKING IT CLEAR what the TRUE ORIGINS of DOKTOR SLEEPLESS are (Namely the nether regions of that wondrous imagination of yours, Sir Ellis). But we also want to BRING The good DOKTOR into OUR world so we can do our part to let everyone know that the FUTURE Is happening RIGHT F**KING NOW, baby!

Thanks for creating such a timely character to help inspire WE to get that message OUT!

Best of Dreams,
Ure Thrall
playing the role of DOKTOR SLEEPLESS on this plane with your kind permission…space age goggles and all (We’ll e-mail u pics!)

creator of the “Arabian Knightmares” CD on TESCO

I am, of course, absolutely gobsmacked. The bastard’s gotten loose in the outside world.”

Doktor Sleepless News April 24th 2008

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