Where has Welcome to Heavenside been?

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I know there are alot of you out there wondering when the next episode is going to be coming and I thought I’d explain what has been happening.

Of late I’ve had some health issues which had affected my throat and I wasn’t able to get any decent recordings done without having issues which didn’t help that I am on the phone all day at work so I’m finally over it now and at work I’ve started a Graveyard shift so I should be able to get all my notes done and as soon as I get off this shift I will have a couple of weeks where I can get the next few episodes recorded and out for all of the wonderful people who have been downloading and sending me feedback.

Just remember I do also have a competition running for people sending me feedback where you’ll go into a hat and there should be a few things there for the winnter apart from a wrap cover of issue 7 of Doktor Sleepless.

Thank you all for your patience with me getting these out but I want you all to have the best I can do.

Welcome to Heavenside News September 19th 2008

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